The Witch & Wizard Market

The Witch & Wizard Market
Idea by: chess123mate
Account: WBOT2
Project Manager: ZacharyBoyCool
Members Joined: chess123mate (ideas), ZacharyBoyCool (scripting)
Temporarily Kicked Members (due to inactivity): Wirodeu (scripting), Roni123 (building), SaladDog (building), Rathgarf,elithe4th(building)
Status: Ready to start construction
Progress: Ideas put in…
Purpose: Find the right combination of ingredients (see below) to make the ultimate “Fireworks Potion”, which has a few lesser variations. It’ll be randomized for each server (along with all the other recipes). There may be other advantages tied to this, such as extreme riches (i.e. can sell it to the public for millions or something).
Overview: I have the idea planned out on a piece of paper, but I’ll try and summarize it here. The players have the ability to buy brooms, nets, backpacks, recipes, potion bottles, and cauldrons of different qualities. They can then go out into the flying area where they can try and catch eggs (or if we want, we can name them something else). All captured eggs are caught by one’s net and placed into his/her backpack. When you get back to your house (where your cauldron should be if you bought one), you can then open up the eggs. The eggs will have an ingredient in them (but you don’t know until you open the egg which ingredient it is). You can trade ingredients, sell them, etc. with other players, or with the computer (but that’ll be more pricy a trade/purchase). Finally, you can make your potion in the cauldron. If you have the recipe for a potion, you can make it, otherwise it doesn’t work. You of course need enough of each ingredient to make it. Once made, you can A. Use the potion B. Sell the potion C. Trade the potion D. Keep the potion for later. Selling it to the “general public” at the Potions Market will give you money to upgrade your supplies or trade ingredients. Some potions can be used to poison other players! (Better keep an antidote near by incase you’re the next victim!)
New Features: Randomized potions, lots of flying objects, ability to MIX potions without a recipe (may explode, beware!), and BARTERING! You can barter with other computers. There are customers and witch/wizard computers.
Problems: Place needs work
Credit: I (chess123mate) give credit for this idea to God, if you have a problem with that, then ignore this line.
Requests: Need names for random ingredients. I have everything but the names… the more, the better XD
Reports: On the forums [make a new thread if it doesn't exist].

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