Sword Fighting Deluxe

Sword Fighting Deluxe Released
Idea by: chess123mate
Account: GoFish
Project Manager: chess123mate
Members Joined: chess123mate (scripting), elithe4th (building), weaselman50 (testing).
Status: Finished
Original Overview: An entire place dedicated to advanced sword fighting, or fencing. The main difference between the standard sword tool is that instead of a click sends the sword forward, the sword fighting would be more realistic — you could control if you were making a defensive swing or offensive, or just in between. You’d be able to click where you want to swing, as well.
Current Overview: Same as before, but it now uses a standard sword instead of the enhanced one, which glitched too much. The enhanced sword may be used in a new project where the only thing that exists are giant figures and these swords (1x1 rounds).

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