Ski Stunt

Idea by: Weaselman50
Project Manager: Weaselman50
Account: weaselman5
Purpose: To replicate the game "Ski Stunt" [ Demo]
Overview: I [weaselman50] have made all of the scripts and functionality to the game. I could improve it some, but mostly all of it is there. All the game needs is it to be pretty with roughly 12 tracks to play on.
Status: Fully operating
Progress: Scripting- 80% Building- 15%
People Signed Up: weaselman50(Scripting) [Accepting]
Problems: It's currently ugly, and needs some well built tracks.
Requests: Someone who is a good builder and is used to CFrame. To be accepted you need to provide a slight example.
Testers: Public testing will be on weaselman50's account
Reports: n/a

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