Account Stealing
If an ERRC memeber tries to steal an account [ie: change password and e-mail] then the account will be restored and the password changed. So don't bother. The person will be banned from ERRC. They may rejoin after one month. If they are found stealing accounts again, they will be perminantly removed from ERRC, and will not be permitted to join again.

If an ERRC member is in-active for 14 days without posting about their inactivity on their profile, then they will be sent a warning VIA ROBLOX messaging. They are then given 21 more days to respond, or they will be removed. Such people may re-join later.

Place Vandalism
If an ERRC member vandalizes an ERRC place, then they will be banned from ERRC. They may re-join if an administrator of ERRC approves.

Account Banning
If an ERRC member gets an ERRC account banned, the member will be removed from ERRC, and will only be permitted to re-join if an ERRC adminstrator approves.

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