This is an updated overview of all the ERRC projects, who’s working on them, their status, etc. If you wish to sign up, make an update to a project you’re leading, or anything else, make a comment at the bottom. If you need the password to an account, contact mjt510 or chess123mate.

If you have any ideas, updates, etc, put it in a comment and it’ll be updated for you.


SAMPLE PROJECT (with descriptions of what it all means and example in italics, as you will see on each of the individual pages)

Idea By: Who made the original idea. chess123mate
Account: What account the project is hosted on. chess123mate2
Status: The stage at which the project is at. Designing Stage
Project Manager: The person who is leading the project; making sure everything is working and everyone is doing what they are supposed to. chess123mate
Members Joined: Who is currently working on the project and what role they have. chess123mate (scripter), nobodyspecial (builder)
Purpose: Optional. The purpose of the place. To make a better bloxxing arena.
Overview: The overview of the project. We’ll have a larger arena with upgrades and AIs.
Problems: Any current problems that another member could try and help solve. How do we get an AI?
Requests: Any requests that this project needs from other members. We need another builder and someone to help with the AI. Anyone good with making things move in Roblox?
NEW! The following descriptions are a new part of all projects.
Testers: If testers are needed or not needed, put so here. If they are needed, include where they are to report their findings. Testers not yet needed OR Testers needed; please post findings on the forum thread at'tExistReports.
Reports: Where members should report what they've done, what problems they're having, and should discuss everything. Options are generally in scripts or in the forums. //Report in the forum thread at'tExist

The Witch & Wizard Market
Status: Construction underway
Members Joined: chess123mate (scripter + ideas), Wirodeu (scripting), Roni123 (building), SaladDog (building), Rathgarf (building), elithe4th (building), MRmime202 (building) [still accepting more]
Purpose: Find the right combination of ingredients (see details) to make the ultimate “Fireworks Potion”, which has a few 'lesser variations'. It’ll be randomized for each server (along with all the other recipes). There may be other advantages tied to this, such as extreme riches (i.e. can sell it to the public for millions or something).
Testers: Not needed

**Antz Warz**
Status: Final stages (debugging, improvement, de-lagging)
Members Joined: chess123mate (scripting + ideas), tristan994 (building), Devon0102 (building), elithe4th (building) [closed]
Purpose: Kill the ever-invading ants; get money; upgrade weapons. Defend the picnic area!
Testers: Requested! Contact chess123mate to test
Requests: More picnic tables

ERRC Minigames
Status: unstarted
Members Joined: thedoomlord12(new leader), elithe4th (building), Dillonu (scripting?) [still accepting; contact thedoomlord12 to join]
Purpose: Make a variety of new minigames (and many of them)! It could be used to advertise what ERRC does. The goal would be to make it the best minigame place of Roblox.
Testers: Not needed

**Water Gun Marathon**
Status: Only just started
Purpose: Instead of using standard guns+missile, you use water guns. You need to reload at water stations, and you can upgrade to different water guns that include temperature (which can ’shock’ other players and make them move slower with BodyPosition for a few seconds), speed, accuracy, and a few other attributes.
People Signed Up: coelho714 (scripting), chess123mate (scripting), SaladDog (building), Anchielord (building), Dert41 (building)
Testers: Not yet needed

Wizard/Witch Dueling OR Spellz Warz OR Spellz Race
Status: Preliminary stages
Idea by: chess123mate
Purpose: Based on the idea of magic and wands.
Overview: There will be around 50 spells available. You chat them (or perhaps go to the library to get them, in case of SuperSafeChatters) and can press a key (such as Q) on your Wand tool to assign that spell to that key. Then, press it again and click somewhere; you’ll get to use it. In this way, you can duel with other players. There will be other sceneric objects to make it more fun, of course. Just like any bloxxing arena :) Also, there may be an objective, ie. race to point A, or collect all of the items in the area, or collect most of them. You may be able to steal, stun, etc. other players (all spells are temporary, none will last forever).
People Signed Up: chess123mate (scripting) [need builders soon, but not yet]
Testers: Not yet needed
Reports: Forum only.
Link to Forum Discussion: [Here.]

Mini Warz
Status: Under Construction
Purpose: To help people learn how to strategize.
People Signed Up: tristan994 (building), Rathgarf (building), Nasadaws (scripting) [still accepting]
Testers: Not needed

Ski Stunt
Idea by: Weaselman50
Project Manager: Weaselman50
Account: weaselman5
Purpose: To replicate the game "Ski Stunt" [ Demo]
Overview: I [weaselman50] have made all of the scripts and functionality to the game. I could improve it some, but mostly all of it is there. All the game needs is it to be pretty with roughly 12 tracks to play on.
Status: Fully operating
Progress: Scripting- 80% Building- 15%
People Signed Up: weaselman50(Scripting) [Accepting]
Problems: It's currently ugly, and needs some well built tracks.
Requests: Someone who is a good builder and is used to CFrame. To be accepted you need to provide a slight example.
Testers: Public testing will be on weaselman50's account
Reports: n/a

Space Warfare
Idea by: elithe4th
Project Manager: elithe4th
Overview: this really isnt that hard.. infact.. im making it myself.. BUT i want it to look good and i could get input from u guys…
and theres a few basic scripts that ill probly ask a few of you about (i.e. why this wont work or what function do i need to do this)
this is about 4 teams.. and thay all have a unique space station then theres meteors,comets,small planets,.. ect.. but the most inportant thing.. drilling stations these are the center of gameplay.. you must capture as many as possible.. then hual the delicate bluesteel back to your main port to sell it (by delicate i mean a script will remove it in an undecided amount of time).. but what i would like to add thats a heavy scripting part is the ability to say u have 2 pieces of blue steel touch then they become 1 piece of bluesteel that blue steel has the combined value of both pieces + a bonus for "selling in bulk" and you can keep doing this up to a certian size of blue steel.. but thats details..
TO SUM IT UP: basicly u fight with 3 other teams over drilling stations to mine bluesteel then buy upgrades ect..
People signed up: elithe4th (building), zoydude (building)
Problems: none really.. itd probly come out better if i got a lil help..

City Map
Idea by: weaselman50
Overview: : The idea is to make a city. There is no scripting just pure building. It should be a huge explorable city, with average details. That means less bricks but not just the same exact decals being repeated. The city should resemble a city that is found in a Grand Theft Auto game. The map would be a fun explorable place and could be converted to any game within minutes.
Note: This is only the city without the need of gameplay ideas.
People signed up: weaselman50, elithe4th, LuckyGlues
Problems: None

Hunting Game
Idea by: thedoomlord12
Overview: thedoomlord12's project; this is a place where you hunt animals. Scripting is required for the AIs.
People signed up: thedoomlord12 (project leader+builder) [still accepting]
Contact thedoomlord12 for more details.

Village Builder
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: Everyone is on a single team in this game. There would be various jobs that need to be done, such as getting water for the people, planting fields, cutting trees for wood or room, building houses and other structures, and as an advanced option you could also defend against say a "black plague", which is some physical force you must combat in some way.
People signed up: chess123mate, elithe4th, roblox43, Jorge99889988 [still accepting]

Idea by:Ididntlivein1800
Overview:You have this working drawbridge. There is traffic. When the bridge is about to go up the traffic stops.
People signed up:ididntlivein1800(builder/scripter) [still accepting]

World At War
Idea By: Rubix47
Account: WorldAtWarERRC
Status: Smaller islands being built [Scripting will begin after main scenery is finished]
Project Manager: Rubix47
Members Joined: Rubix47 (Ideas, Scripting, Manager) [Still accepting] [Contact rubix47 to join]
Purpose: Make a realistic (and working) war experience
Overview: There will be 3-4 countries (Teams) that are fighting for control of the seas. There will be 5-20 neutral islands (Varrying in size and landscape) (Number subject to change because of lag issues) The countries will fight to control the islands and their resourses. Resources can be used to build settlements, build boats, upgrade existing objects, and increase your 'Tech' level. By upgrading your 'Tech' level, you allow your country to build more powerful and better boats, building, defences etc.
Problems: Nothing at the moment
Requests: Good ship and misc. vehicle builders.
NEW! All three continents built.
Testers: Not needed right now
Reports: Post latest addition to this place here (All other updates are in the Update Log script in the Workspace) - 3rd Continent added, home island of the 3rd team.

Sword Fight On Mt. Olympus
Idea by: AJCoolGuy
Overview: : Grab your swords….And your Parachutes.
People signed up: None yet
Problems: Needs Scripting and building.

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