Old Ideas

Here is a list of old ideas, but yet may still be good ideas.

Search And Conquer
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: The thing I believe Roblox is lacking is the inability to see something. The idea would be a simple conquer game, but the major difference would be that you can’t see the terrain that you haven’t explored, and you can’t see where everyone’s pieces are.
How would this work? It would be essential that there be a different board for each player, and basically each board is updated based on the positions of the player’s pieces.
Problems: Lag may become a serious issue because there’d be many duplicates of pieces. However, it wouldn’t need to be overly complicated to be fun, so it may work!
Variations: It doesn’t need to be a “Conquer”. Infact, it’d work better if it was a simple “village survival” idea. I have started a similar concept in one of my places, “Villager Strategy Game”, unfortunately I don’t have anything about it written down to tell you about. Basically the idea is you can help eachother rather than just destroying all your opponents’ stuff.

Kill The Bugs
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: The place is a new idea that is much like the current “Tycoon” places. Here, however, you are killing bugs while trying to grow plants. The plants, if they are healthy, give you money. Unfortunately, the ever-lasting supply of bugs (that fly around in 3D) will attack your plants and try to eat them! You will be given various weapons that work only on the bugs, such as poisons, traps, swatters, even sorts of spray-guns. Of course, such things cost money… different bugs can have different styles and difficulties, and if you’re ‘won the game’, mega bugs can come and attack your plants to give you a challenge… :)
People signed up: chess123mate
Problems: None that I know of
Credit: I give credit for this idea to God, if you have a problem with that, then ignore this line.

Plane Racers
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: A further variation on "real planes" (see above), the concept is that you could choose from one of a few pre-made planes (all with different settings), and then race them. See www.radicalplay.com and play a few of the games if you want, and I'm thinking of a variation on them. Basically, you'd have energy, health, offense, max speed, acceleration, and agility — all the planes would have different combinations. To win, you either meet all the checkpoints a certain number of times, or damage everyone else's planes until they are destroyed.
People signed up: chess123mate

Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: Quite simply, fires spread and you must put them out. However, you can get money for putting out x fire bricks (that all have temperature) that allow you to upgrade your fire truck and suit (although you can use other people's fire trucks as well — ie. they drive, you ride).
People signed up: chess123mate

Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: You get to design original fireworks with actual "substances" into actual "fireworks", then mass-produce (clone/storage button!) them and set them off at your leisure. Also, once done testing your fireworks, you can set them off for the crowd! Get money for putting off the best fireworks show. You can sell/trade your fireworks with others. Putting different amounts of different substances will make the fireworks different colours, different #s of pieces they branch off into, etc.
People signed up: chess123mate

Art Palace
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: Basically, you get to make artwork — paint your own pictures! The question is, can you sell your pictures? A script would rate everyone's pictures based on dif. colours, amounts, lines+areas of the same colour, and anything else that can be scripted to find out if a picture is "good". These ratings would decide the approximate worth of the picture; and you could then barter (or just sell it if you aren't good at bartering) to the Art Palace (high quality, gives lots of $), Art Apartment (med. quality), Art House (low quality), or sometimes random people who will pay a small sum for your picture. You also have the ability to sell to other players or keep it for yourself. All pictures you own from other people get you roughly 20% (or less, not sure) of the "prestige" that they are worth. (If you sell a picture to the Art Palace, that'd give you 100% the prestige possible for 1 picture, but to the Art Apartment, the worth of the picture may only be 60 or 70% prestige.) Keeping your own picture gets you only 4% prestige (or 20% of prestige you'd get for pics you own from other players). The idea is if you get enough prestige then you can get a special place-bonus (a game, a plane, a boat, or a whatever). ALSO, to save on bricks, pictures could be "compressed" — bricks could be automatically combined when the picture was done (meaning if the entire picture is one colour, the 10x10 painting area you have will be replaced with 1 brick).
People signed up: chess123mate
Problems: The script that would rate the picture may be difficult to make. It may be as simple as colouring scribbles to get into the Art Palace while a good real artwork piece may only get to the Art House. Also, there needs to be some sort of an award. That could be as simple as a cool tool, or something else, I don't know.

Build a _ series
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: This would be a series of "Build a ____" places, such as "Build a Plane", "Build a Car", and "Build a Boat". The nice thing about these places would be that once you're done building them, they'd actually work! The cars could roam around the city (or battle in some sort of arena for cars, or perhaps something that doesn't have to do with destruction — like, perhaps a simple Taxi service for money or simply racing them). Build a Plane would be you could build a plane and then you could use a tool to battle in the plane-arena. Build a boat would be the same idea as a plane, only with races instead. It'd be cool!
People signed up for Car: chess123mate
People signed up for Plane: chess123mate
People signed up for Boat: chess123mate

3D Maze
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: There's this new tool I found — a "Fly" tool, allowing you to fly around anywhere you like. Mix that up with a 3D maze whose walls change (sometimes on a button press, sometimes randomly) along with doors and keys, and you get a monster place!
Details: The grid would be 12x12x12 (or smaller if we wanted), which would be a maximum of 5616 bricks. Of course, that's assuming you made an individual brick for each grid side but didn't double-count for shared sides. In a real 3D maze, only on average about 3 out of 6 of a grid-cube's sides would be used (since the others would be left open for paths), meaning a total of maybe 3000 bricks for the place. If this is too laggy, an 11x11x11 (4356 max) or 10x10x10 (3300 max) could be used,
People signed up: chess123mate

Brick War
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: Each player will have a whole bunch of bricks (their team colour, which is unique). They will have different characteristics, shown through meshes (for type), transparency (for health), reflectance (for speed), different sizes for different weights, and it can be really cool! No BodyGyro, so there'd be less lag. Once a brick "dies" from attacks, it changes colours and immediately travels to its new team's base, where for that time only (unless it dies a few times and goes back to this team, of course) its health is restored completely.
Points: Either you'd be a "winner" at the end of a round, a winner after you beat everyone else, or a really good one in my opinion is you simply get points after an enemy is defeated (survival points, really). A better variation, to prevent "sitting there doing nothing" points is that you get points based on how many bricks you have; points awarded at every minute — and if you lose all your bricks you lose all your points and get to re-start (by taking an equal amount of bricks from everyone else — equal in proportion).
People signed up: chess123mate
Problems: Lag is likely a large factor, and a bit on gameplay.

Scripting Wars [I want to call it Hacking Wars, but that might cause problems :) ]
Idea by: chess123mate
Overview: There may be 2 or 3 teams, or everyone on their own team. The concept is they have something to protect [like a bunch of bricks connected somehow, some more valuable than others]. In a new script language (based on Lua but different commands), they must attempt to cut through any defenses that other teams put on their bricks through the various commands. There may be secret codes, but there'd be ways of "breaking" them through fairly simple commands or functions. If you were a fast enough typist, and/or really good with scripting, you'd be able to "steal" more bricks from other teams. After a set amount of time, the winners would be calculated based on the sum of the bricks' worth that the team possesses. Think of the entire thing as Hacking into each other's databases, only for fairly obvious reasons we won't mention the word "hack" anywhere on the place XD
People signed up: chess123mate
Problems: Design concept still needs work

Elite Star Fighting Force
Idea by: chess123mate
Purpose: Implement tons of new ideas into an awesome new place, focused NOT on bloxxing/killing, or even violence, but on saving the universe [or parts of it]!
Story: The former Elite Star Fighting Force was designed for war, but now that there is universal peace, they are dedicated to protecting everyone to prevent death and damage.
Overview: People are put on one of various ships (they can choose) and each ship is assigned a mission, which usually is to "Fight" various space-objects to protect other ships. If you do your job well, you may get a raise in rank. You may be able to command other players, as well. Of course, if you command poorly, you are unlikely to get that rank again.
1. Automatically assigned rank (based on how well you do)
2. Natural Phenomena/Anomolies/whatever: Asteroids, Spark Sphere, Tornado Wing, Super Nova, White Hole, and Jagged Graviton Spheres
3. Each ship has many variables, including shields, online/offline systems (lasers, speeds, shields, engineering, scanners, and communication), as well as many engineering systems.
4. 10-20 people per server.
5. Ships don't actually move; there'll be a radar system and cameras that simulate movement.
6. Other jobs include: Collecting energy, etc. in debris fields, escorting important people, and disabling/catching criminal ships.
People signed up: chess123mate, elithe4th, ZacharyBoyCool

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