You can join this club or invite someone with these qualities:

* A very good scripter, builder, has good ideas, artwork (for decals), or management skills.
* Dedicated (to projects, etc.), willing to learn (if necessary), willing to cooperate (absolutely necessary), and willing to communicate.
* A very hard worker; won't just sign up and do nothing.
* This person must have a proof of his/her abilities.

It is suggested that you get a meebo account (, but not necessary. However, it is almost essential to get a wikidot account, since you can't post in the forums or update projects/your profile without one. However, using the meebo widget on the left side, you can leave chess123mate a message (even when he's offline) and he'll receive it when he gets on. He can then post the update you requested. However, it's better if you can do it for yourself. NOTE that chess123mate cannot reply through the meebo widget after you leave the page.

A member becomes an official member when someone contacts an admin and these qualities are checked. Finally, the member list is updated and it is official! You, the member, are expected to post and update your profile.

Apply Here

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free


Admins & Moderators

Just make sure no abuse is occuring on any of the pages. Check in regularly. Also, assume all responsibilities as a normal member.

Elite Members

Start a project if you have a good idea, work on existing projects, etc.


Check in fairly regularly. Join at least one project and help finish it. Report if you are too busy to continue (for whatever reason). Work hard, report what you've done (briefly) wherever it is indicated on the Projects page (usually the forums). Update your profile as needed.

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