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Idea by: someCrazedBuilder
Overview: Everyone builds lots
People signed up: somebodyIsSomebodyCoolness, chess123mate.
Problems: This is another non-existant project idea
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You can only use the idea with permission from the idea’s creator and proper credit.

ERRC Space Exploration
Idea By: mjt510
Overview: ESE could be the next generation of flight on ROBLOX, taking planes and rockets, to the next level. We would create scripts to simulate artificial gravity, and build star ships, capable of transporting 1/8 of ROBLOXia's population.
People Signed Up: mjt510, [your name here]
Problems: Not enough people

Movie Theatre
Idea by: stickmasterluke
Overview: You can sit down in a movie theatre, and using camera controls you are able to watch one of several movies where people are walking around, etc.
People signed up: stickmasterluke, chess123mate (ideas and basic scripting), roni123 (building),
Problems: need more people

Wave Pool
Idea by: weaselman50
Overview: A wave pool that has waves and you surf those waves and swim.
People signed up: weaselman50, chess123mate (scripting)
Problems: Who wants to do it?

Realistic Plane
Idea by: LuckyGlues
Overview: A new invention; a realistic plane that has flaps and more realistic physics. Use bodythrust instead of editing velocity.
Variation: Uses BodyVelocity but acts like BodyThrust in some aspects, such as speed and lateral momentum.
People signed up: LuckyGlues

Futuristic RPG
Idea by: mrsven
Overview: A Futuristic RPG based in 3008 or something. Sure, there are a lot of RPG’s but none where you have to live in space and kill ALIENS FOR MONEY! You also have quests such as, fly to this planet in my spaceship and give bob this helmet.
People Signed Up: MrSven

Hostage Situation
Idea by: Briguy9876
Overview: I got this idea from a custom map from Starcraft
Theres 3 temas: Hostages, Terrorists, and Police. Hostages, are hostages. But, in the room that they are trapped in, the hostages can find items and combine them to form make shift weapons to fight with. Terrorists want to get away with money. Police want to get the terrorists and get all hostages out alive.
How will it work? Well, I find the makeshift weapons not to be too hard. What will be hard is when the Terrorists and Police negotiate to get what they want. There has to be a system in place.
Problems: one is the name. Should we call Terrorists enemys?
Will the Terrorists just kill the hostages right away and ruin the game?
Will the Terrorits block the Hostages in a room so they cant gather the weapons?
People Signed Up: Briguy9876

Hat Wars
Idea By: WHO?
Overview: When a person joins, the game reads what hat the person has. Each hat has a certian power, like the Teapot will give you some powers that the Teapot Turret has (Just an example). Then the players are split into teams of 4 and a CTF ensues.
How will it work? Well, we need to let the player spawn once, let the game “Read” its hat, then give it some tools that are hat-special, then put the player on the team. Can we save the hat’s “Code” somewhere?
Problems: Rarer hats might get cooler powers, and that might be unfair. Also, what if the player isnt wearing a hat?
People Signed Up: elithe4th, mjt510

Cube Sword Fight
Idea by: briguy9876
Overview: Everyone starts on a Giant cube. On each side of the cube are diffrent specialty weapons. The cube rotates in place, and it can randomly stop, change speed, or change what direction its turning. I think that if we get a cube, give it BodyPosition and BodyAngularVelocity, and a script that changes the Velocity, we should be fine.
People signed up: somebodyIsSomebodyCoolness, chess123mate.
Problems: Ive tried this and failed so many times.

Death race
Idea by: elithe4th
Overview: mkay.. some really hard scripts (at least for me) are involved.. but me and maybe one other builder and a scripter like chess123mate or stickmasterluke would be good enough.. anyway.. i had this idea a long time ago.. but then i decided i wanted to build it when i saw the movie was coming out almost (keyword:almost) the same as my idea.. anyway you have a car,a garage,and a shop.. u buy tougher armor,better weapons,faster engine,more ammo capacity and maybe a cool paintjob or some booster fuel.. anyway.. u get say a basic car outfited with light armor,a single shot rifle that only shoots straight ahead,and a low ammo capacity.. with virtually no armor.. but then u get money by winning or even finishing the race… if your character touches the track your considered dead.. and lose.. but armor is rated by how much damage it can take before it falls of or lets bullets right through.. engines.. by how fast they run,guns by how fast they shoot and how much damage each bullet does.. so say.. u have a single shot rifle on your car.. but what your opponent dosent know is that it shoots AP rounds that act like your armor isnt there.. so u make one good shot and it goes through the armor and kills you opponent instantly anyway. this is getting kind of long and i dont want to bore you.. so ill give all the details if this even makes it to projects…

People signed up: elithe4th
Problems: VERY intense scripting that will probly have ALOT of bugs.. this will require alot of bricks therefore may become extremely laggy..

LOST island
Idea by: Stanmaster
Overview: Ok, well I tried to do this but I just, failed. I want it to be as close to the show as possible, but I am just not a good enough scripter/builder to do it. The most important thing to have is The Hatch, but I don't know how exactly to do that. I reccommend watching the LOST series before working on this.
People signed up: Stanmaster
Problems: Don't remember the layout of the island, would like grass that moves when you walk through it, and trees that sway when you touch them, but I doubt that's going to happen because that would take a lot of advanced scripting.

Ocean Base
Idea by:Stanmaster
Overview: I was thinking, and I realized I wanted to make a place for each of my 'clans', and I decided the ERRC's had to be the coolest, so I wanted to put it underwater, with a working submarine that could tell when the 'hatch' was open and killed you if you went without closing it, and then not killing you if it opened it in air, with an airlock kind of thing.
People signed up: Stanmaster
Problems: I really have no scripting skills, but i can think of ideas, something like 'brick1' on connect with 'brick2' kill driver == nil, 'hull' on connect with 'water', kill driver (if fun1 == nil) == nil or something like that. I'm really a complete n00b for scripting but I get the general idea of scripting.

World of Warcraft
Idea by:Stanmaster
Overview: Everybody that's played WOW probably agrees, WOW is an awesome game. But we don't have WOW on Roblox, so yeah. We would have the same 'dying' system, with the ghost and the thing that revives you. Also we should have the class system, more or less health, swords vs. dagger, staff vs. wand, ect…
Problems: I'm still a scripting n00b, and I don't want it to be like the hundreds of other crappy Roblox RPG's, but I really don't play WOW, it was only once. =(

The Super Bloxx Arena (or S.B.A)
Idea by:AJCoolGuy
Overview:It's Stealth Pilot's arena (i didnt copy it it just took me a lot of hours and weeks going to his place and studying it so i can take a photographical image in my brain so i can remember what it looks like and build it)but without any scripts.That's the time im taking to script it.ERRC Scripters meet me there on May 23rd and ill tell you wat i need you guys to script.(P.S chess123mate i think you may need to bring along your fencing script)

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