Design a House?

Design a house?
Idea by: weaselman50
Project Manager: weaselman50
Account: weaselman; PM for pass.
Overview: You design a scale model of something like a house or building. You simply make the scale model with color coded brick with humanoids. The building would be like how Conquest 2 select the area of the build. You should be able to select the structures complexity by adding rooms furniture and specific walls. It would be like an architects sketch board, but in 3D. So a list of options are great, you basically design your house without any trouble with huge bricks. Once you are done, you click finished and you will get a full scale model of your design. I will probably be more detailed since only 1 brick represents a model. The house will consist of 3 possible floors.
Signed up: weaselman50(Manager/everything else), chess123mate(guidance), MrSven(Model Making/other) [Accepting]
Problems: Need more people, and a full brainstorming of ideas. floating objects are projected as a problem.
Requests: Ideas on what models are in the game. What are we designing?
Status: 30% Needs Models!, Game layout, Tutorial, Paint tool, and Custom Brick making.
Testers: Unknown Status
Reports: Unknown

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