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Our purpose is to make ROBLOX better by combining our skills, talents, and ideas to create outstanding places in an effort to encourage others to do the same. Working together, we will build quality places for all of ROBLOX to enjoy!

If you are not registered on this site, please see the Joining page on the left side bar. When registered for the site and logged in, you will be able to add posts on the forums and edit pages, such as your profile or a project you’re working on.
Note: You will need to register for wikidot before you can fill out the form on the Joining page. You will need an email for this.

If you wish to chat with other ERRC members, please use meebo ( Also, it is wise to log in to meebo or a related service if you are working on a project so that you can chat with anyone else working on your project to prevent place-overwriting.


Joining — guidelines you’ll want to read, and if you wish to register to this site, go here.
Current Members — The members of ERRC, profiles, current projects they’re in, etc. This should be updated by the members.
Site Members — The members of ERRC that are actually registered to post on and edit this site. This is updated automatically.
Project Ideas — the page where all the ideas are. It won’t become a project unless enough people sign up, or if you’ve already started and just want some help on it. If you have an idea, feel free to add it here!
Projects — current projects, who’s in them, the status of the project, problems that need fixing, progress, etc. Each project will have a page dedicated to its details. Only Elite members may add projects.
Forum — Go here for discussions about various things, such as projects, ideas, needing testers, etc. The best place for discussion! Note that events are posted here and should be checked regularly.


If you're going to edit something on this site, ensure that you don't delete anything unless it's yours or you were told by the owner of it to delete it. Example, you can edit, delete, and add to information about yourself on the Members page, but without permission from say a Project Leader, you shouldn’t edit the Progress or Status of the project.

Elite Members

Elite members are given extra abilities. Only those who can specialize in a specific skill are allowed in the “elite” group!

Working-On-A-Project Guidelines

1. Work as often as is reasonable. If you are spending hours on Roblox playing around, please dedicate a couple to the project when possible. If you are limited time, any time you can give is appreciated.
2. Check the "account status" to see if anyone is actively working on the place.
3. Even if someone is working on a place, that doesn’t mean you can’t make models and scripts. Just make sure you don’t publish the place!! (This is another reason why you should always save your work, just in case someone accidentally overwrites your work.)
4. If no one is working on the project and you plan on publishing the place to ROBLOX, write that you are working on the project in the account status.
5. Remember to check the workspace for these scripts:
-Ideas script: An optional script containing future ideas for the place. Feel free to add your own. Never DELETE an idea, simply add to them (or make an “alternate idea”, or simply disagree in the forums). If the script is not there, it may be in the forums.
-TODO script: A list of things that need to be done. You should check this one out unless you are currently working on a specific piece of the project. However, it is very wise to check the TODO script to see what things need to be done. Scripters may request things built, or builders may be requesting that things be scripted. If you need something done or note things that simply need to be done by someone, put it into the TODO script.
6. Do not change or delete other people’s work without making a backup and having a good reason to do so or having the owner’s permission. Good reasons to change someone’s work is to make it compatible with scripts (or make a script compatible with a model), to make a slight modification to decrease lag (still, remember to make a backup!), etc. Make a note of the changes you have done and why on the forums.
7. Once you are done working, do the following if time permits:
-Make a note of what you have accomplished on the forums.
-SAVE everything you’ve made individually and/or make a backup of the entire place to your hard drive. Versioning on your hard drive is not a bad idea, despite ROBLOX’s version system (keep in mind saboteurs could delete a model…)
-Take out your note in the account status! If you do not, you may hold up the project, preventing others from working on it.

While on an ERRC account, NEVER:
-Make a forum post to ROBLOX Forums
-Visit a place for any reason other than debugging or testing
-Harm the account through deletion of extras (hats, etc.) or wasting tickets on purchases. Tickets will be used only for advertising the place.

Place Ownership Policy

If the place is on an ERRC account, it is given to the first person who wants it in this list who does not already have an ERRC place:
1. Project Leader
2. Idea creator
3. Person who did the most work on the place, according to the Project Leader
4. Everyone else, in the order of who signed up.
5. Anyone in ERRC who has helped complete at least one project through contributing a lot of work.
Note: If a place is given to the idea creator, but the idea creator does not want it after awhile, it is then offered to the people in the list of 3 and 4 before the Project Leader gets another chance at it.
If no one wants it, it becomes an ERRC only place.

Finally, some places may be made as an ERRC only place. Fortunately, some of the tickets made from these places may be given to those in Builder’s Club.

If you own an ERRC place, you must follow these guidelines:
1. Do not significantly change the place without approval from the original Project Leader
2. The title must contain the name “ERRC”.
3. The description must contain a link to this site.
4. If you desire to change the entire place, it is likely to become a new project (you would be guaranteed to keep the place if you wanted it). However, depending on the changes desired, it may be acceptable under guideline #1.

Breaking these guidelines may warrant a permanent banning from ERRC and all benefits. If you have a place, it will be placed on another account (so that there will be two of the same place, and ERRC will not advertise the old one).

If it is found that you have given a Robloxian who is not in ERRC a non-shared ERRC place, you will be banned.

ERRC places will become shared after they become popular and achieve a set number of visits (undetermined), OR if they become old and unsuccessful.


Banned: You will be banned if you refuse to do work or break any of the rules.
Kicked Out of Projects: If you ignore PMs to tell you to get to work, then you may be kicked out of a project. This does not include ERRC, just that one project. Also, if a project leader finds that you are not listening to what is required of you, the same thing may happen.
Kicked out of ERRC: If you do not respond to PMs that request that you do so and you appear inactive, you will be kicked out of ERRC. However, this is not the same as being banned – you can come back whenever you like. You will not be kicked out if you have previously explained a planned absence.

You are allowed to plan an absence from ERRC and still be on Roblox doing whatever it is you want to do.

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